We craft workflow automation solutions to improve quality and decrease time to market.

“Oracle engaged with Lovable Tech to support a significant part of our OCI orchestration solution, a high impact and public project. Lovable Tech exceed our expectations at multiple levels; the work was completely and accurately scoped, they set and consistently met aggressive timelines and delivered outstanding product that continues to enable our customers and lower sales friction.” - Craig, Sr Director, Cloud Architecture - Oracle

Lovable Tech has experience creating solutions for companies large and small fitted to your engineering needs. We do cloud migrations, Continuous Integration (CI), Continuous Delivery (CD), Containerization, infrastructure provisioning, security, and more.


Our Services

Lovable.Tech offers unparalled areas of service and expertise in DevOps.

Modern Immutable Infrastructure

Available on premise or in the cloud; using containers or VMs. This methodology was pioneered by Hashicorp, and we're an Official Solutions Integrator.

Continuous Integration (CI) Continuous Deployment (CD)

Let your team focus on delivering your product while we manage build tools. We also have experience building SOX compliant CD tools.

Dedicated DevOps as a Service

Let your developers build your product. We'll provide full-time DevOps experts to worry about your immutable architecture, infrastructure automation, and maintaining high availability services.

Our Proprietary ContainerOps Suite

Our tools can track resource utilization for each organization within your enterprise, ensure all your policies are enforced, and monitor your containers to identify and stop threats early.

Modern Enterprise IT

It's our guide on how we believe software development in an enterprise should happen. It includes our philosophies, processes, and even tool recommendations for your own implementations.

Microservice Orchestrators

Our clients adopt a containerized infrastructure, where instead of having one "Monolith," your application is divided into tens or even hundreds of smaller "microservice" applications.


Custom DevOps Solutions for Enterprise Applications

Lovable Tech assisted T-Mobile by building a custom Jenkins pipeline for applications, pushing artifacts to Artifactory, run unit tests with JUnit, measure coverage, run integration tests with Selenium, and finally promote the application through automated deployments to various environments.


Oracle Terraform

Pushing increased customer adoption on Cisco Baremetal

Oracle released a new public cloud offering called Baremetal. In order to increase adoption, they wanted to enable access to the platform using the popular Hashicorp tool Terraform. LT built a Golang SDK and the actual terraform provider code that is now public on Github, we also provided 6 months of community support to handle bug reports and encourage engagement


Cisco Shipped

A comprehensive development platform to manage the entire software development lifecycle.

Lovable Tech built and developed the core microservices that make up Shipped, the web front end for managing and reporting on projects that are orchestrated by Shipped, and most of the supporting features including the CI/CD pipeline with Drone, and an analytics collection and policy enforcement engine with cAdvisor, Kafka, Cassandra, InfluxDB, Grafana and several Go microservices. All of these features are built on top of Mesos/Marathon and Kubernetes


Our Product Partnerships

Lovable.Tech offers unparalled areas of service and expertise in DevOps.


Hashicorps tools and integrations allow us to better manage physical and virtual machines for CI/CD. We're proud to be an Official Solutions Integrator.



Kubernetes is an open-source system for automating deployment, scaling, and management of containerized apps. It's our preferred platforms, and we've made contributions in client work.



Mesosphere develops a suite of technologies for clustered computing solutions. We've built several mesos frameworks and use their technologies extensively.



Docker is a very popular containerization solution and we use it all the time. We're also an official Docker solutions integrator



Rancher is a complete container management platform that makes it easy to deploy and run containers in production on any infrastructure.


Open Shift

OpenShift, from Red Hat, is software for container-based deployment and management. We can quickly support and deploy Kubernetes apps via Docker Containers.

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