Case Study: Cisco Shipped

Learn how we leverage microservices and DevOps in building a comphrehensive development platform

Summary of Shipped

The Cisco Shipped program is a comprehensive development platform that manages the entire software development lifecycyle. It's aimed at easily building containerized microservice oriented applications. Developers start with deployable buildpacks to get an application live in just a few minutes. We setup a continuous integration environment for your repository automatically, and we can even create a local development environment based on your microservices automatically. Whenever anyone commits, their code is built and they can deploy their application to any cloud with the push of a button.

Lovable Tech built and developed the core microservices that make up Shipped, the web front end for managing and reporting on projects, and most of the supporting features including the CI/CD pipeline.

  • The core microservices are built with Golang and the primary database is Cassandra. All front end functionality is realized through the back-end microservice API. The front end is HTML5, Javascript (AngularJS) and related technologies. OAuth2 is used for front end access and for authentication.
  • We managed project estimates using Agile methods and ticketing in JIRA.
  • All of our apps are 12 factor, including a health check. New features were added with automated tests with high coverage.
  • Every service built was highly available, monitored and instrumented.
  • Specifications were created collaboratively with Cisco principals, product managers and other stakeholders. We had team demos and releases every week.
  • All deployments were compliant with Cisco InfoSec

Technology Used

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Keith Chambers, Cisco Systems

"It took us 2 months of working with another firm to get to where we got on day one of our Hack Week with Lovable Tech."

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