Case Study: T-Mobile

Learn how we leverage microservices and Devops best practices for America's favorite Carrier

T-Mobile Enterprise Delivery Pipeline

T-mobile engaged with LT on a multi-year, multi-million dollar digital transformation program to modernize legacy systems that are mission critical to their retail organization. LT supports 100s of applications on a CI/CD pipeline and evangelizes modern devops principles and tools within T-Mobile like containerization, configuration as code, etc.


Lovable Tech was brought on board to aid a large T-Mobile team in the development of a set of standardized tools to improve internal software delivery processes within T-Mobile. T-Mobile has hundreds of internal applications and very little standardization between them. Our team was tasked with building a scalable, multistage, gated, Jenkins pipeline for building, testing, and deploying code through the various stages of T-Mobile’s environment. As part of this work, we also encouraged development teams to adopt modern devops practices like managing their application configurations as code, automating database migrations, and codifying infrastructure setup. So far, 18 internal applications have adopted our automation tools. Our support during some of these onboarding activities is involved, often we help their teams refactor how their application functions so it’s more 12-factor, or extract databasebased configuration into files so that the database is versioned.

The mandate of this project is huge. T-Mobile has 100s of applications, each with varying levels of automation, testing strategies, compliance isseus, and promotion paths to production. Our job is to standardize this across as much of T-Mobile as possible over time. Thus far, we’re ahead of schedule with 18/15 applications onboarded.

Technology Used

From T-Mobile Lead

Adoption of our tooling remains high, and they continue to see results from the devops solutions and best practices we’re pushing. Our configuration as code solutions are getting very widespread recognition within the firm for solving real stability problems between environments

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